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Why Whole Food Calcium?

First off, lets get down to the chemistry. Most nutrients in whole plant foods are bound to naturally occurring carbohydrates, proteins and polyphenols in organic molecular complexes in the ideal form for human digestion and metabolism. This means that when you consume whole plant foods your body is better able to absorb and assimilate the […]

Sea Buckthorn & Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient that mostly comes from meat, eggs, fish, oysters and dairy products and can be challenging to obtain from plant sources. It helps to keep nerve and blood cells healthy and also helps to create DNA, as well as promote carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Vitamin B12 deficiencies can also be […]

The Truth About Stevia

Stevia has received some harsh press over the last few years and this is rightfully so. The rise in refined Stevia products, mostly anything that is white and powdery, has caused many to question the safety of Stevia. However, it may not be the Stevia Plant that is the problem, but the way in which […]

FAQ’s Catie’s Vitamin C + Catie’s Greens

Catie's Organics Plant Based Supplements

We get many questions about our Catie’s Whole Plant Food Vitamin C & our Catie’s Organic Greens and we’d love to highlight them for you here. Also, if there is a question you have that we didn’t answer, please submit them to us via our Contact Page and we will happily respond and add them […]

Green, Lean, Anti-Aging Machine

Mastering your health can feel like a mess, and in this day and age of so much information, it can be difficult to know where to start. Whether you are a wellness pro or just dipping your feet into a newer YOU, you’ll find that what the pros swear by is always their GREENS. The […]

Authentic Green Chimichurri

Authentic Green Chimichurri   Healthy and Low in Sodium! Just this past weekend, my mom and I went to an AMAZING vegetarian Indian restaurant in Santa Barbara. The aromas were delightful and the food, just as beautiful. I remember us talking about how delicious the chimichurri was and wondering how they got the flavors so […]

8 Lifestyle Habits to Stay Slim

Walk – Doctors recommend you walk 10,000 steps per day. Buying a pedometer or tracking on your smart phone can help you track these steps. It can also be a fun game to play to make your walking mark. It will keep you engaged and active. Walk Faster – It burns more calories, increases your […]

New Pantry Essential: Coconut Milk Powder

This irreplaceable ingredient is friendly for vegan, paleo, raw and low-carbohydrate diets alike and can used in a wide variety of recipes. Not only is Coconut Milk Powder delicious, but it is also amazing for healthy brain function and may even be helpful in loosing weight! Benefits of Raw Coconut Milk: ~Healthy fats for the […]

Fruit of Fall: Persimmons

Fruit of Fall Written By: Ashley M. Norris We are so glad that these juicy, delicious fruits are back in season! Not only do they taste super amazing but they are also overflowing with wonderful health benefits. Loaded with anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, as well as Vitamin C & Vitamin A. They also contain a tumor […]