Who We Are

Energy Essentials is a *Green Living company dedicated to solutions for the best of pure, healthy living in your home, housing, commercial, and governmental developments.

Our commitment is to the highest quality products, that are closest to nature, most technologically advanced, and therefore yield the most powerful effects. We provide *Green Living appliances, water systems, air filtration systems, solar units, and more, all the while exceeding standards of the leading national companies.

Energy-Essentials-Green-LivingWe retain the agility and flexibility of a private, local US company, allowing us to leverage our resources in customized ways to always utilize the best and most advanced information to make our products the absolute best. We guarantee this for the benefit of our client’s health & wellness, enhancement of their lives as well as our environment.

The Energy Essentials (EE) difference is built on the belief that by providing impeccable, expedient customer service as well as friendly online data and resources for our *Green Living products, that you will have your answers and tools you need for ease of informed purchasing, installation and trouble shooting. When you contract and purchase from Energy Essentials, you are entrusting us to care for the quality of life where you live or your housing, governmental, commercial communities/development(s), and we do not take that responsibility lightly.

We understand that the biggest moments in life often happen at home. This makes it OUR goal to shape our products & services to the unique needs of you & your family, or the development/community. So that you/dwellers can live these moments in the absolute best possible way. We want you to have safe, healthy, effective and cutting edge purification technology to protect the moments that matter most. Our services are aimed to remove your concerns about how & where you live so you are able to live those moments to the fullest. We want to help you make life better.

Our mission is to create *Green Living appliances, water systems, air filtration systems and solar units that are as sustainable as possible and leave the least carbon footprint.

Our track record of innovation and service allows us to redefine our ultimate goal of best technological *Green Living appliances, water systems, air filtration systems, solar units and more. Our teams are dedicated to consistently fulfilling our commitments to our customers. We stockpile talent that makes a difference by creating an environment that attracts the best people. Our commitment to transparency, flexibility and accountability is a refreshing change experienced every day by the communities we serve.


What is Green Living?

“Green” product – A product that is designed and manufactured in such a manner as to minimize the adverse environmental impact involved in its production, distribution and consumption (if applicable).

“Living” product – A thoughtful product designed and manufactured with intention to utilize the most natural resources when available, that can not only help resolve environmental issues with our air, water, off the grid electrical solutions but also have unique/exemplary potential to enhance consumers health and over all quality of life for their ideal “Living” circumstances beyond other products on the market.