WHY Energy Essentials EMF-X Secure?

Energy Essentials EMF-X Secure Systems contain unique, patented technology that is designed to transform hazardous, non ionizing radiation into full spectrum, pulsating magnetic fields. These magnetic fields are able to neutralize harmful electro-magnetic frequencies (EMFs), turning them into frequencies that promote a positive and healthy environment that mimics our Earth’s natural magnetic field! 



EMF-X Secure Protection

EMF-X Secure Systems are available for your home, office, warehouse, car and body!
Our systems are extremely powerful and offer protection from all directions:
– Top
– Bottom
– Sides
– Indoor
– Outdoor

6 Reasons EMF-X Secure Offers the Fullest Protection

  1. Neutralizes or Mitigates disturbing frequencies- rendering them harmless. 
  2. EMF-X Secure is Patented 
  3. Full Protection From: ABOVE – High Voltage Power Lines, Cell Towers,  ALL SIDES  – City Wide Wireless Internet, Apartment and Home Smart Meters, Routers BELOW  -Geopathic stress, Underground Lines
  4.  Gounded to Rid Mitigated EMFs (NO ONE COMPARES)
  5. Antenna/Filters – Pulls disturbing frequencies and grounds them into the earth. 
  6. Replacement – “Dirty” frequencies are then replaced with clean, regenerative frequencies that mimic the earth’s natural magnetic field. This supports life.

Are EMFs Harmful?

Research shows that normal exposure to electro-magnetic fields of 60 Hertz are proven to cause many health challenges. At the rate of 60 Hertz, this makes our cells oscillate at approximately 60 cycles per second. Additional studies from Isuzu Hospital in Japan and Michigan State University have also shown that continued exposure to the alternating current of 60 Hz oscillation causes unhealthy cellular proliferation and can lead to increased disease. For example, our body’s optimal health is found between 7 and 10 Hz.

To put things into perspective, the new 5G frequency that is using cells, antennas and satellites for conductivity produces between 600 MHz (Mega Hertz) to 60 GHz (Giga Hertz),
1 GHz = 1 billion Hertz. That is about one billion times more than the body requires to remain and maintain optimal health. Unfortunately, the 5G technology is capable of reaching sixty billion times the frequency desired for optimal health to humans. Fortunately for us, the groundbreaking, patented technology of EMF-X Secure Systems renders any type of EMF radiation harmless (except X-Rays) from any source at 1 Hertz and beyond.

Are You Affected by EMF Radiation?

Increased levels of non ionizing radiation may cause symptoms, such as: 

– Headaches
– Body Pains
– Blurry Vision
– Difficulty Thinking (Brain Fog)
– Tingling Sensations
– Sores or Rashes
– Stomach or Chest Pain/Pressure

EMF-X Secure absorbs and neutralizes unhealthy Electro-Pollution from the following sources:

* EMF exposure within structures
* Electrical wiring
* Wi-Fi, cell towers or power lines, 5G to 8G
* Internet routers and cell phones
* Satellites
* Smart meters
* Circuit breaker boxes
* Power outlets
* Lightning strike
* Solar Flares
* EMP attacks (Must request for these)

What Makes EMF-X Secure Great?

EMF-X Secure is superior in it’s ability to provide all encompassing EMF protection by harnessing harmful radiation frequencies and neutralizing them. How do we accomplish this? The answer is: Grounding.

Each component of your EMF-X Secure System contains a grounding coil. This is a necessity when attempting to neutralize harmful magnetic fields, as they can only be neutralized by being transferred- into the Earth.

But! We don’t stop there.

These “dirty” frequencies are then replaced with clean, harmonic frequencies that mimic the Earth’s magnetic field. These healthy frequencies are where our bodies are finally allowed to come out of “Survival Mode” and in “Regenerative Mode.” Imagine the possibilities?!!!

Each system comes with the capability to be tailored to your individual needs and we offer a wide variety of coverage by square footage.

Our systems cover 500 – 10,000 SQ FT (or larger) Apartments, Homes, Structures and Cars! As well as Open Land to your required acreage.

Detox Symptoms
Just like the omission of any toxic food, drink or substance in our lives, you may experience short term, mild detox reactions from the absence of toxic frequencies once neutralized. After your initial EMF-X Secure System installation, you may experience very short term:

  • Sleeplessness
  • Headache
  • Mild Aches
  • Nausea

As these invisible EMF’s can keep your body in a “Grip Lock” of unhealthful vibration that promotes pathogenic, toxic proliferation.

Once those frequencies are neutralized, often times the long awaited healing can occur and the immune system and body often times can become stronger.

During this time, other methods of detoxification are suggested to support your constitution, such as:

  • Clean Eating
  • Juicing
  • Supplementation
  • Rest
  • Meditation
  • Gentle Walking
  • Yoga

It is ok to unplug or unscrew the grounding cords off and on if needed in the beginning. 

What You May See in Humans & Animals  

  • improved digestion
  • clearer skin
  • better sleep
  • reduced inflammation
  • healthy metabolism and elimination
  • Plants often flourish in the long term with healthier soil bacteria.

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