Welcome to Catie’s Whole Plant Foods, where it is our goal as a company and a family, to help provide natural answers for healthy living.  Because our cells make up our glands, organs, tissue, veins, arteries and even our bones, Dr. Catie has researched and formulated many products to help clean, strengthen, nourish, nurture, help heal and rejuvenate the body on a cellular level.

We all know that not all products are what they say they are. Rest assured, we search very hard to provide NONTOXIC, CHEMICAL FREE, HORMONE FREE, PESTICIDE FREE PRODUCTS, AND AS ORGANIC AS WE CAN GET to help you live your best life now!


You will find:

  • Whole food supplements and products rich in nutrients and enzymes
  • Cleanses that are easy, thoughtful and thoroughly rich in food and herbs
  • Water systems that have 7 times more antioxidant power than green tea
  • Sprouting systems to create your own inside nutritious garden
  • Books, DVD’s and CD’s to help give you natural answers for healthy living
  • Many more products and tools to promote your healthy lifestyle

Thank you for joining our family and coming to the website of and for the people.

One percent of every order placed on this site goes toward providing help to those who can’t afford “real” health with Catie’s Cures Fund.

To Abundant Health & Blessings Always Catie Wyman-Norris, Founder Catie’s Whole Plant Foods, Simply Young, Energy Essentials


Catie is a nutrition and wellness guru to the stars. She is founder of Energy Essential’s Wellness Centers, Cure’s in the Kitchen and Catie’s Whole Plant Foods. Her determination, passion and knowledge evolved from her and her families own life threatening illnesses which have become springboard’s for remarkable triumph and radiant health. Her passion’s include being a momma, researcher, educator, lecturer, national television & radio wellness advocate, and formulator of whole food products and supplements that make a life changing difference. Catie has been a guest speaker on several health related television and radio shows.  It has always been a mission of hers to help others by educating and guiding them through their health and lifestyle choices.