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Cure's-in-the-Kitchen-Show-With-Catie-Wyman-NorrisCure’s in the Kitchen is where Catie’s passion for food and health come to life. Catie teaches people how food can bring health to the body and help prevent and aid in healing of different diseases.

Catie’s is a phenomenal cook and shares her recipes for health here

Caite also hosts the Cure’s in the Kitchen Show. This new show that focuses on the importance of overall health and wellbeing.

Catie is a nutrition and wellness guru to the stars and founder of Cure’s in the Kitchen. Her determination, passion and knowledge evolved from her and her families own life threatening illnesses which have become springboard’s for remarkable triumph and radiant health. Her passion’s include being a momma, researcher, educator, lecturer, national television & radio wellness advocate, and formulator of whole food products and supplements that make a life changing difference.

Catie has been a guest speaker on several health related television and radio shows.  It has always been a mission of hers to help others by educating and guiding them through their health and lifestyle choices.

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Catie’s Celebrity Guests:

Tony O’Donnell
Cure's-in-the-Kitchen-Show-Celebrity-Guests-Pam-Anderson-Suzanne-SommersIrish-born Tony O’Donnell, CNC., the Herb Doc seen on ABC and CNN News, is a naturopath who was inspired by his father’s untimely death from heart disease to devote his life to helping others lead healthier lives. Founder and president of G.W. Health LLC, Tony is the formulator of many leading powdered superfood formulas.

Dr. John Gray
John Gray’s Mars Venus Advice weekly syndicated column for the Tribune Media Services has appeared in more than 100 media outlets including websites, international papers, and U.S. newspapers such as New York Newsday, The Denver Post, Atlanta Journal, Los Angeles Times, and Detroit Free Press. John Gray is also a contributing editor with a monthly column in Redbook, Brides, and Divorce magazines.


Gabby Reece, Volleyball Star
The Power of Whole Food Vitamin C

Kelly Preston & John Travolta, Actress and Actor
Nutrition for Children

Olivia Newton John, Actress/Singer
Environmental Toxins

Fran Drescher, Actress
Breast Health

Pam Anderson, Actress/Activist
Liver Health

Laird Hamilton,Top Surfer
The Power of Whole Food Vitamin C

Daryl Hannah, Actress/Activist
Green Living

Uma Thurman, Actress

Montel Williams, Show Host
Multiple Sclerosis

Dick Van Dyke, Actor/Singer
Natural methods for joint pains and arthritis

Lauren Monroe, Singer/Humanitarian
Adrenal Tonification

Rick Allen, Producer/Musician

Suzanne Somers, Actress
Natural Menopause