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Fruit of Fall: Persimmons

Fruit of Fall

Written By: Ashley M. Norris

We are so glad that these juicy, delicious fruits are back in season! Not only do they taste super amazing but they are also overflowing with wonderful health benefits.

Loaded with anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, as well as Vitamin C & Vitamin A. They also contain a tumor inhibitor called, betulinic acid. Other benefits include a wide array of minerals and electrolytes such as potassium and magnesium. In all, this makes persimmons amazing for your eyes, your skin and your muscle health, as well as helping to protect against cancer by fighting free-radicals.

Apart from being wonderful snacks to have on the go, here are some, hopefully inspiring, ideas to use persimmons in some unconventional ways…

Four Fun ways to use Persimmons:

  1. Pie! – Yes pie! Persimmons can be a great addition to any fruit pie you may be making for your holiday events. If you find a nice sale on persimmons, then perhaps you can justify making a full pie out of them! They tend to be on the pricier side, but are becoming more and more available in markets across the country. In fact, I just picked up a twelve pack at Costco for $6.79! Certainly not too shabby…
  2. Salad Topper – They make excellent additions to salads. Chop into chunks (try to leave a bit of the skin on each piece for texture) Toss with some walnuts and homemade vinaigrette. Enjoy!
  3. Almond Butter Anyone? – Persimmons are SO GOOD dipped in a little bit of almond butter. A great snack for the kids too, and easy to pack for school…
  4. Persimmon Jam – If you’ve got some sad, slightly older persimmons, ain’t no better way to use them then simmer them down into a yummy jam! Follow traditional jam recipes. Tho, instead of sugar we recommend using coconut sugar or Non-GMO xylitol if you are trying to avoid high sugar.

It is so nice how through the seasons we are reminded of the temporal nature of life and how things are continuously changing. Hopefully it encourages us to seize the moment more. Maybe by treating ourselves to a delicious and special fruit that only comes around once a year…

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