How to do a Probiotic Blitz?

What’s a Probiotic Blitz? A probiotic blitz is and intense delivery of probiotics to the body system. This is done by every 3 hours throughout the day, for 3 days,  giving your body a healthy dose of live, quality probiotics. You’d want to do this if you think your internal gut flora is at risk or if you may have an internal infection. This could be if you just got done taking a session of antibiotics (though we hope not!), if you think you may have Candida (bacterial overgrowth) or if you just have a feeling that your gut microbiome is not in balance…


What are the symptoms of a Bacterial Imbalance?

  • Mood swings/ irritability
  • Candida
  • Anemia
  • Constipation
  • Intestinal gas
  • Vitamin B deficiencies
  • Menstrual issues
  • Prostate trouble



A more in depth view…


New research has shown how probiotics can actually have a beneficial influence on gene expression. This is due to a science called Epigenetics, meaning that the genes can be manipulated/ effected by outside circumstances rather than inherent code.  For example, bad gut bacteria can have a negative effect on gene expression, and that is why a daily probiotic supplement is so vital. However, if you think you may be dealing with a more severe infection or if you have any or multiple of the symptoms listed above, you may want to consider doing the probiotic blitz. This will help to ensure you are helping to grow a beneficial rain forest of helpful micro-bacteria in your system.


What you may see after taking your probiotics daily:

  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Regular, Fuller Bowel Movements
  • Weight Loss
  • Vaginal Health
  • Improvement in Skin Conditions, such as Eczema
  • Oral Health
  • Immunity and Allergy Health
  • Relief from Gastrointestinal Issues

Remember though, NOT all probiotics are created EQUAL…!

Being a relatively new and trendy topic, of course there are going to be gimmicks on the market. Probiotics they say can be found in cultured yogurt or probiotic drinks. The only problem with this is that the yogurts are frequently made from unorganic cows milk filled with antibiotics and hormones, and the drinks are full of sugar. And when it comes down to it, their probiotic count is far lower than that of a high quality probiotic capsule that is either refrigerated or guaranteed stable at room temperature. Catie’s Proflora is an excellent dairy free probiotic, stable at room temperature and made out of 16 potent strains of live probiotics. Catie’s Proflora is a complete Acidophilus, which is one of the most powerful probiotics available and uses the patented cellular matrix stabilization process to resist acid digestion. With 15 billion viable cells per capsule guarenteed at the time of manufacture. Making Catie’s Proflora one of the highest of quality probiotics on the market today.


What foods have probiotics?

~ Kimchi


~Organic Yogurt




Any fermented foods are great for your Gut! Soon we’ll have a blog on fermenting at home! In your own kitchen, on the cheap;) Be well guys, thanks for reading!





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