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Coco-Banana-Maca Superfood Smoothie


Here is a really great and easy way to make a smoothie loaded with superfoods that everyone can enjoy. It’s thick, creamy and tastes DELICIOUS! We used coconut milk as a base as it works really well with superfood powders like our AWESOME catie’s organic green blend, which has chlorella, spirulina, barley grass, dulse, probiotics […]

Superfood Frozen Bananas


Ingredients: 3 ripe bananas 3 Tbsp coconut oil 5 Tbsp cacao powder(or use carob powder if you prefer) 2 Tbsp honey (or your preferred sweetener) Cacao nibs for decoration (or chopped almonds/pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds or jungle peanuts) Brochette sticks (small version) Instructions: In a bowl, add the powder and oil with the honey. Then […]