Lavender Tapenade with Black Truffle Oil



1 cup kalamata olives

5 springs of lavender

1/2 tbsp minced rosemary, fresh or dried

1 tsp dried oregano

1 tbsp black truffle oil

3 drops of lavender essential oil, food grade



First, take the lavender sprigs and lightly de-flower them with your fingers. save the top flowers of the sprigs and set aside, you can use them as decoration at the end. Mince the lavender. Then place olives, all spices, truffle oil, and lavender oil into the food processor or blender and pulse, meaning turn the machine on and off. Do not keep on constant blend because it will turn olives into a paste and you want a chunky consistency. Add salt is needed. Place into a bowl or serving plate and drizzle with black truffle oil. Then delicately place lavender flowers over the top to decorate. Serve with our Rustic Rye Crostini, and enjoy!