Heal Yourself: Turmeric Tonic


This elixir is what so many bodies are yearning for not only in just the winter months, but year round. This tonic is a synergistic blend of some of natures most powerful healing properties. Sooth yourself with the warming and anti-inflammatory effects of ginger and turmeric, as well as the digestive benefits of fresh squeezed citrus, and top it all of with a dash of cayenne to speek up your metabolism, promoting healthy, balanced weight loss.



8 ounces of filtered, high quality water

1 ounce fresh pressed turmeric juice OR 1/2 tsp ground turmeric powder

1 ounce fresh pressed ginger juice OR 1 tsp freshly grated ginger root

1 1/2 ounce of fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice

10 drops of clear liquid stevia or 1 tbsp raw honey

dash of cayenne pepper



This tonic can be served iced, room temperature, or warm depending on the climate you are in and what you are in the mood for. If you are serving it room temperature or iced, then blend ingredients together in a blender, especially if you are using the ground turmeric, grated ginger, and/or raw honey, as honey tends to only melt well when in warm liquid. Ginger can be grated on the smallest points of a cheese grater. If you are planning to enjoy this warmed then you will have better luck getting everything to emulsify, but if you have a BPA or glass blender, then you can blend in your blender also. We recommend this, as hot liquids tend to leach plastic.