Working My Plan…


Well I have good news and more good news, I figured out how to blog again (sorry-technical-not!) and I lost 3/4′s of an inch off my waist since our last meeting.

Caties-Organics-Whole-Plant-Foods-Working-My-PlanI don’t weigh myself right now as I am increasing my exercise cardio and weights and you always feel and usually are heavier during that transition.  I have increased my times of eating as I tend to not eat and I gain weight.  I eat small servings and am full and have better energy also as my choices are for eating less but incorporating the best possible foods for fuel that I can find.

Wow it works great!  I have been using an ab machine and that has helped me sculpt my sides-really has worked great.  There is nothing better than how slim feels!!!  I almost got into a bikini for a picture but not quite that brave yet!

The most important thing is to make a plan and work it!  I wrote my plan down as I get so busy that its easy to loose my focus and focus is everything.

Speaking of that-when I said that calories weren’t everything-here’s what I believe from my years of research:  Calories are truly ALMOST everything as ”calorie reduction” is one of the most important things we can do on a daily basis to turn back the hands of time for youthfulness and health!  When we choose to eat smaller quantities of super nutritious foods, our livers thank us by digesting it properly and not backing up and building stones, the small intestines get the nutrient absorption we are ‘dying for, and nutrition is life throughout the body,…

Chew your food 20-25 times each bite-watch what happens.  It’s exciting!!!!!