A Plan To Live & Lose By!!!


Caties-Organics-Whole-Plant-Foods-A-Plan-To-Live-Lose-ByCleansing and releasing unwanted toxins! I have finished my colon, lung, liver and gallbladder cleanse combo as I have had “more than I can digest” in my life for the last several years. I incorporated the colema board on this cleanse and I must say that I will never do another colon and lung cleanse without that magical gift to the world-my world for sure! It has been said that doing the kind of cleanse I did is like doing an internal surgery. I believe that to be true for me. I’m overtaken with emotion when I see how people not only get their life back but an incredibly renewed life with cleansing, strengthening, nourishing, nurturing and helping to heal their bodies through real live foods, cleansing, exercising and just living. It is so special to see people embracing their lives once again after being so “dis-eased.” Now that I have my organs working much better, I am truly ready to lose those extra few pounds that seem to hit me in the tummy! Anyone else up for the challenge?! We’d love to see your before and afters. It’s not just about counting calories like so many people think.

Join me tomorrow and we’ll make a plan we can live and lose with!

Blessings to all,  Catie