Solutions to Love Your Skin


The most effective thing you can do to ensure clear, glowing skin is to start a skin-healthy diet. It’s a must  to try and eat organic food as much as possible, try eating live, active raw veggies and fruits.

Avoid inflammatory foods such as sugar, trans fat, refined and processed flours/foods.

Make sure to drink 6-8 ounce of glasses of filtered water a day.

Eliminate skincare with parabens, use a vitamin C toner in the morning to fight free radicals and vitamin A at night to work on regenerating skin while you sleep.

Be wary of the sun, make sure to use natural sun block during the hours of 10am to 2pm.

And lastly, manage your stress! Emotional stress like a troublesome job, toxic relationshiops or physical stress like high exposure to electronic devices. Make sure to take breaks to nourish your soul and body, like trying yoga or a meditative practice such as chanting!

So basically:

Change your diet!

Throw out all skin care containing harmful chemicals.

Use a vitamin C toner in the morning.

Add a vitamin A serum.

Reducing toxic exposure.