10 tips for lasting ENERGY


We are all in pursuit of that holy grail of continuous energy throughout the day without any caffeine or candy bars, accomplish everything you want, and feel great? For most people this would be wonderful what with how demanding the modern life has become.

Good news friends, this is indeed possible! The crucial integer here is CONSISTENCY. Developing a ritual will give not just energy, but ENDURANCE!

1. Plan important activities when you have the most energy.

This is one of my favorite tips. Plan your schedule around your energy
level. Choose activities and projects that are naturally energy producing at
your low points in the day. If you drag in the morning, plan one of your
more enjoyable activities first thing. It may seem difficult at first, but once you get used to it there will be no stopping you.

2. Do the work you love.

Bringing a love for what you do! Nothing proves to be as catalyzing as passion for your work.

3. Regular excercise!

This certainly does not come as a surprise to you. You know that you
exercise makes you feel amazing.

4. Know your personality style.

Your personality determines what is energy draining or producing for you. If
you’re naturally an introvert you typically recharge by quiet time on your
own. If you’re naturally an extrovert, you typically gain energy by social
time with others.

5. Eat a healthy balanced diet.

This is another one of those tips that you already know but, if you’re like
most people, probably aren’t doing. A diet rich in complex carbohydrates,
protein, and fiber will help you sustain energy and avoid the sugar roller
coaster that you get when you eat sugary snacks.

6. Keep the big picture in mind.

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment of stressful situations and feel
exhausted. If, however, you remember the big picture including why you’re
motivated to achieve your goal or why the small stuff isn’t that important,
you’ll feel energized.

7. Drink water.

One of the most common causes of fatigue is dehydration. We often mistakenly
assume that we’re hungry but the fatigue culprit is often thirst.

8. Celebrate and reward achievements.

The more you focus on your achievements, both large and small, the more
success focused you will become. This will help you achieve more and all
this achievement is sure to boost energy.

9. Avoid energy-vampires

You know these types of people. Just being in their presence seems to drain
your energy in the blink of an eye. Use assertiveness skills and limit your
time with them.

10. Take physical and mental breaks.

Monotony is exhausting. Periodically give yourself a break by a few moments
of mindless activity and quick stretching exercises or walking.