Too Much Soy in Your Diet?


Did you know that most soy in the United States is in fact genetically modified? GMO=BAD.

Soy became an official “frankenfood” in late 1987.  Fast foward to 12 years later and more than half of all soy in the US is GMO, By 2007 it is now close to 91%. You may ask why was this modified, was it to improve the nutritional quotient? No it was not, it was done to achieve higher crop yields.  It was also tinkered with to make it “roundup ready”, which is weed killer herbicide. This tactic made the soy impenetrable to the weeds and not affected adversely by the herbicide. So we are left with soy crops that are frankenfood, part herbicide and food.

A recent study done by Dr. Joseph Mercola talked of the drawback of consuming soy with those that suffer allergies, how the soy proteins could linger in your digestive system for years to come.

Eating limited amounts of organic, non GMO versions, does provide for some health benefits, but it should never be your main source of protein. Some steps to take when it comes to consuming soy and it’s by-products would be the to follow these tips:

 -One ounce of soy per day, no MORE!

-Eat ONLY fermented forms like tempeh, natto, miso, and “real” soya sauce.

– AVOID using soy milk as it makes it easy to over consume this way. Almond milk it great, it’s low carb, low fat, and low calorie. The only drawbacks to almond milk is that is low in protein and those with nut allergy should avoid, try rice milk or coconut milk. And if you opt for dairy, make sure it’s organic, raw, and grass fed if you can.

-Stay away from soy isolate as a protein supplement. It is best to use a  rice/pea protein blend, although 70% hemp protein is also wonderful.