Lung Health!


Good Morning!

Today i thought of what i should write about.

checking out my personal blog, i came across a really cool picture i posted last year



Art is wonderfull and this picture is also quite purposeful,

the fruits here are great for the LUNGS! amazing right?

anything that is antioxidant rich and vitamin C rich do our lungs good.

but certain foods offer the lungs just  the right ammount of nutrients that let them perform,sustain and remain healthy.

Here’s a list of foods!

Caties-Organics-Whole-Plant-Foods-Lung-Health-FishFish has lots of Vitamin D!

Vitamin D is Perfect for the Lungs

fish is also high in Omega-3 fatty acids great for lungs also


Caties-Organics-Whole-Plant-Foods-Lung-Health-CarrotsCarrots offer Vitamin A & C

both can heal and repair the lungs inside

carrots also have Lycopene, falcarinol,beta carotene,Lutien and zeaxanthin


Caties-Organics-Whole-Plant-Foods-Lung-Health-OrangesOranges offer Vitamin C, Iron and Vitamin B6

these nutrients help the lungs transfer Oxygen!



Caties-Organics-Whole-Plant-Foods-Lung-Health-OnionsOnions Offer Vitamin C, Vitamin b6

and more important nutrients

also they contain Quercetin a natural powerful antioxdant



so i hope this serves & inspires you

Take care <3