Conquer Fear by turning to LOVE


We have all had those kind of moments in life that can really push us to give up, to let a part of us become damaged from tragedy, loss, sickness, you name it. These experiences can leave us afraid of the very thing we were put on earth to do, to LIVE. Here are some wonderful tips that you can put into effect in your life today!


Catie :)


1. FACE that FEAR

The first step to any problem is to know is to admit to oneself the existence of fear.

Take a moment, breathe, look into the fear, the anxiety, the pain, and indecisiveness and dive into it head first —


When you understand this very simple concept, nothing can DEFEAT you. Nothing, what seem like failures are just a chance to switch gears, learn, grow!

3. To thine own SELF be true

All those flaws, kooky family history, all those things make YOU a very unique creation, learn to celebrate it.

-“Those who matter won’t mind, and those who mind, don’t matter.”

4. The Universe has a plan for you.

We must have faith that the source of everything that makes us human is love, and that being said, we must trust what happens to us and surrender our need to control outcomes.