Great Success on Catie’s Cleanse!

This photo is from a customer who did Catie’s One Week Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse recently and got some great results – quite a few gallstones!

“These are stones flushed on May 26, 2011 using Catie’s Whole Food Products, including the Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse Kit. I used the products for about 2 weeks before the flush…. Some cleanses say not to eat, just drink liquids, but I felt better having food in my stomach during this cleanse/flush. THANK YOU!”

We love testimonials such as this one and love hearing great results. You will notice these stones are a dark brown/black color, which may indicate a hepatic or more evolved liver/gallbladder condition and if your stones are this color you may want to consider lifestyle and diet changes as well as doing the cleanse again (our customer said she felt like there are more coming, and is going to stay on the Maintenance Products – Juice Powder, Parastrip Powder, and Support Capsules for another few weeks before repeating the cleanse).

The cleanse is on special at $50 off right now and it’s a great time to cleanse those vital organs. Try yours today!