Signs of Stress…Look at your Tongue


Stress is inevitable but how do you know if it’s effecting you besides feeling irritable, tired, non playful, sleep deprived,…? Look at your tongue for one of your best possible clues. If your tongue is thick, it may indicate that you are not getting enough B vitamin’s from your food (green leafy veggies) or your whole food supplements according to Dr. Chi from Rutger’s University. B Vitamins are your stress vitamins along with Vitamin C rich foods, they are both like the oil in a car that makes the car run-without the oil, the car no longer runs. B vitamin’s and Vitamin C are that crucial to your “fight or flight” adrenals. Other signs may be larger than normal pores on your face (as well as hair follicles which can mean hair loss), even hang nails can mean a B Complex deficiency. The B’s are crucial for enhancing cellular energy, healthy red blood cells, normalizing moods, respiration, as a matter of fact, you cannot even lose weight without those Busy B’s!!!! Remember that you need all the B’s for ideal utilization and of course from real food supplementation.  If you suffer from depression or abnormal homocysteine levels, add whole food folate, B6 & B12 as B Vitamins are like vitamin c-water soluble.Get lot’s of rest, exercise, great live foods, and have fun!