No Storm Lasts Forever… Natural Flu Remedies


Just as no storm lasts forever, neither will the flu symptoms- especially if you have tools in your natural remedy tool box. Try a few of the following but always use common sense and start slow and listen to your body:

Caties-Organics-Whole-Plant-Foods-No-Storm-Lasts-Forever-Natural-Flu-RemedyTake Aloe Juice and Slippery Elm to coat the throat & tummy (nasty virus seems to burn throat and tummy causing bleeding in many), try mastic gum also, take Catie’s Biotic Nano Silver to help rid virus and pathogens, add small garlic clove (crushed) to 1 teaspoon ea. of fresh honey & lemon to help rid virus (take 1/2 clove if just starting out as it feels like bomb goes off but just for few minutes-drink water if this occurs), take lavender, eucalyptus, or rosemary essential oils on warm wet wash cloth and breath in-ahhh! Do this 4-6 times or as needed-really works.

Do a Pro Flora Blitz to increase good bacteria in gut for better digestion & bowel movements.  For the Pro Flora Blitz instructions to increase good bacteria to outweigh the bad and for a great article on the Flu and Real Vitamin C visit our store  Shop

Glad it is helping you through.

Blessings to you all, Catie