Purify Your Environment and Your Mind: Houseplants


It is no secret that the world has been struggling with the negative effects of pollution for decades now. However, when we think about pollution we do not tend to think about how toxic our indoor environments can be. In fact, the common toxic chemical benzene is three times more prevalent indoors than outdoors.

Indoor air toxicity is the culprit of many health problems we see with people today, such as asthma. When pondering how to prevent and to alleviate the issue of toxic chemicals in our living environment, the solution may be so simple that it is almost unbelievable. What is this solution you might ask? Houseplants.

Our homes and office spaces are concentrated with stagnant, toxic air. When windows are kept closed it inhibits healthy circulation of oxygen by restricting the flow of indoor and outdoor air. This allows for the accumulation of toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene. These chemicals can come from anywhere, particularly cleaning supplies. Houseplants not only absorb these chemicals, but they also convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. So not only do houseplants rid our living spaces of harmful toxins, but they also bless us with the substance that we need to sustain life. How beautiful is that?

Problems that arise from chemical pollutants are:


-throat and eye irritation


-rise in chemical sensitivity




Possible benefits from houseplants:

-alleviation from common problems caused by chemical pollutants

-easier to breathe

-positive psychological effects


A few common houseplants that are efficient in removing common chemicals are;  bamboo palm, Chinese evergreen, and Janet Craig dracaena.

Houseplants are easy to maintain and can eliminate these toxic substances from you indoor environments, as well as add an element of freshness to your home.