Essential Nutrient: Vitamin C


Vitamin C is one of those substances that is necessary for the function of all of our body systems, yet we do not have the ability to produce it on our own. For that, we rely solely on our diet to provide this vital nutrient to the complex ecology of our bodies.


Benefits of Vitamin C:

+ Neutralize free radicals

+ Protect cellular damage

+ Combat viruses

+ Promotes supple, healthy skin

+ Strengthens coronary arteries

+ Strengthens Organs

+ Helps build collagen, cartilage, connective tissue and bone


Signs of Vitamin C Deficiency:

+ Suppressed immune system

+ Colds and bronchial irritation

+ Infections

+ Lack of energy

+ Joint pain or injury

+ Retarded wound healing

+ Bruising

+ Bloody gums

+ Bloody nose

+ Could be linked to Heart Disease and Cancer


Whole Food vs. Synthetic

Whole foods have co-factors, which automatically makes them an ideal choice over a synthetic brand of vitamin C. Co-factors are essential for enzyme catalysis in the body. Only live foods have these healing properties that help heal, strengthen and rejuvenate the cells. Strong cells build healthy organs, veins, arteries, glands, tissues, and bones.

In contrast to a whole food source, isolated USP nutrients, such as synthetic ascorbic acid, do not have these healing properties. When it is synthetically produced, it is originally derived from sugar, then treated with acetone (the substance with which nail polish is removed) and then combined with sodium hypochlorite (bleaching solution) before it goes through the process of hydrogenation, mostly known for producing harmful trans fats.

When planning of ingesting a substance for a prolonged period of time, it is important to consider how it will effect your body. With taking synthetic ascorbic acid you may run the risk of leaving chemical residue in your system. With a whole food vitamin C supplement, such as Catie’s Organic Vitamin C Plus, you will obtain all of the benefits of vitamin C, as well as promote other significant aspects of healing.

What is in Catie’s Organic Vitamin C Plus?


Camu Camu Fruit, Amla Fruit, Organic Goji Berry, Organic Montmorency Cherry, Organic Pomegranate, Organic Billberry, Blackcurrant, Acerola Cherry, Strawberry, Carrots, Spinach, Kale, Oranges, Beet, Grapeseed Extract, Blueberry, Bioflavenoids,EGCG (decaffeinated green tea extract), N-Acetyl Cystine, Lysine, Proline, Selenium, L-Arginine, Manganese, MSM.

These ingredients are high in Phytonutrients, phenolics, polysaccharides, natural quercitin, germanium, and flavonoids.

One scoop of Catie’s Organic Vitamin C Plus is equivalent to app. 40,185 mg of ascorbic acid!

*Whole food vitamin C at concentrated levels has shown no side effects and could be more effective then a dietary supplement.