Catie’s Raw Vegetable Calcium

This whole food calcium contains over 20 minerals and vitamins critical for strong bones and the 350 or so metabolic processes the body needs to function properly. It’s not just calcium but magnesium, Vitamin D, selenium, phosphorous, potassium, lysine, ….and real foods are more potent than synthetic. The biggest study ever done on diet and how it affects the body and health was called the China Study out of Cornell & Oxford Universities. The book is incredible. These people didn’t have the osteoporosis, osteopenia, heart disease,….and other diseases we have in this country. They ate of veggies, fruits, legumes, and grains (no meat or diary) and they got about 300 to 500 mg of calcium from their food. Their bones are strong and their bones, teeth, life force, strength, heart beat, …were profoundly better than we see in this country. Catie’s Raw Vegetable Calcium contains 400 mg of calcium per serving and is equal to approximately 3,400 mg of a synthetic or calcium form a rock, shell, stone or bone (carbonate, citrate, gluconate, coral calcium) found on the market today which may have caused more damage than good when you look at the statistics of bone loss (over 50% of population) in this country. We’ve never seen this type of silent epidemic (Harvard University Medical Newsletter’s words) historically-with about 50,000 women a year dying from osteoporotic fractures, 50% increase in young girls fractures, 36% in young boys. We are crumbling as a nation and taking more of that which builds poor bones, making it worse. The book, “The Truth about Calcium” carefully describes the plight in which we have found ourselves not only in this country but in many others. It shows us our mistaken choices, false marketing of poor products and how certain industries have lied to us to “build strong bones!” It gives hope and answers for a “Whole Body Bone Building Program” that can change this dire direction and help build not only strong bones and teeth but an overall strong foundation for health. It includes the nutrients (co-factors) critical for the many (over 350) metabolic processes that calcium and its co-factor nutrients are critical for and the foods that are rich in these important nutrients. The food and symptom chart is also available in an English floral, compact size poster for your pantry. There is an exercise program (exercise poster also available) in the book that targets not only the entire body but the most vulnerable areas for bone loss. The 15 to 45 minute program is fast, powerful and really works. The recipes are tasty and quick and most importantly, nourishing to build a strong, healthy body. Foods have always been the building blocks of the body and these plants can reach deep into the soil to pull up those “hard, inert” minerals to create a food that is ideal and speaks the same language as our body. In 1999, Gunter Bleobel won his Nobel Prize for his research in co-factors: the enzymes and proteins that take the nutrients to where they need to go (i.e. calcium to a porous, frail hip). We also have a great brochure on this product that includes the landmark case study from Cedar Sinai Hospital in which they found remarkable increases in several bone markers (10.7% in the hip alone which can be the deadliest fractures).