80% of U.S. Deficient of Essential Fatty Acids


by Catie Norris, CNC

What are the repercussions of “Essential Fatty Acid” Deficiency?  According to many experts, of the approximately 80% of Americans deficient of these “good fats,” many suffer various symptoms typical, but not exclusive to the following:

* Aching, Sore Joints     * Angina (chest pain)    * Arthritis

* Inflammation             * Constipation              * Depression

* Elevated Cholesterol   * High Blood Pressure   *Multiple Sclerosis

* Obesity                     * Eczema                    * Psoriasis

* Breast/Other Cancers  * ADD-Attention Deficit * Lupus

Over the past 100 years, Americans have increased their fat consumption by more than 40% (175 grams a day on average which equals 50 extra pounds a year).  What’s worse is that our processed foods have replaced the “natural, unadulterated good fats/oils with partially hydrogenated oils, cholesterols, and trans-fatty acids-the “Bad Fats!”

“Essentials Fatty Acids,” such as Flax (seed), Borage, Pumpkin, & Primrose Oils to name a few, provide the human body with essential alpha-linolenic (omega-3) and linoleic (omega 6)  fatty acids that are absolutely needed “everyday”-thus the term “essential fatty acids.”  Plant foods provide these goods fats which function in the body as components of cellular membranes, nerve cells, and hormone like substances known as prostaglandins (which are critical for their anti-inflammatory effects).  Essential Fatty Acids are responsible for regulating a host of bodily functions such as:

* Blood Pressure                 * Pain/Swelling                 * Heart Function

* Kidney Function                 * Fluid Balance                 * Nerve Transmission

* Allergic Response            * Steroid Production         * Hormone Synthesis

* Gastrointestinal Secretions and Functions

A deficiency of these essential oils makes it impossible for cell membranes to perform their vital function of serving as a selective barrier which regulates the passage of certain materials in and out of the cell.  A disturbance in this process equals disruption of virtually all cellular processes and is a serious health threat to Americans.


1.)  Read Labels.  Eliminate foods containing trans-fatty acids, partially hydrogenated oils, and NO margarine ever!!!  These oils are deliberately processed to have an extra hydrogen molecule which makes them more saturated (indigestible & an unnatural form).  Now why can’t they just skip this extra process?! Shelf life!!!  It now has a “longer shelf life” but it is now “unhealthful.”   Many manufacturers don’t care that this process is causing terrible health challenges and that is unconscionable behavior

2.)  Reduce your intake of saturated and other fats.  A diet high in saturated fats has been linked to high rates of cancer, stroke, and heart disease.  This makes sense-saturated fat hardens in the body and clogs it up.  Good EFA’s support healthy alkaline pH & molecular oxygen availability says William Philpott, M.D, and Dr. Tony O’Donnell, N.D. and author of Miracle Detox Secrets.

3.)  Increase the essential fatty acids in your diet and supplement daily if needed (Tony’s Omega Plus has all the good fats you need!).  Do you know how hard it is to get your kids to take flax, primrose, or pumpkin essential oils daily?!  My solution has been to put flax seed meal in their smoothies in the a.m. At night, I sprinkle flax oil on their organic Non-GMO, hot air popcorn and then put Nutritional Yeast (the good yeast to ward off Candida!) on top and shake it up in a brown paper bag.  It tastes like the best popcorn you’ve ever had and it’s a great snack for any age.  If you still do not get enough of the essential oils-supplement with a good one.  The best combo I’ve seen yet contains EPA, DHA, CLA, with CoQ10 (important), as well as flax seed, GLA from Borage in a softgel capsule.  Call (888) 456-1597 or visit www.radiantgreens.com for more info.