Ch-ch-chia! Porridge


Chia seeds are becoming more popular these days. And rightfully so! They are so versatile, they have a wonderful way of absorbing any flavors you pair them with. They are an excellent appetite suppressant as they double in size when added to water. High in omega fatty chain acids, both your brain, heart and skin will radiate! They also help to regulate blood sugar, balance thyroid functions, aid in keeping regular, age defying anti-oxidants, loaded with energy to keep up with our modern busy lifestyle. Here’s an easy recipe for chia porridge:

2 tbsp of chia seeds

1 cup of water

1tsp of cashew butter

1 1/2 tsp of coconut sugar or favorite organic sweetener

1/4 tsp of vanilla

a pinch of sea salt

sprinkle of cinnamon

Mix until the seeds release a gelatinous texture. Then it’s ready to eat! Garnish with bananas or any fruit you fancy. Perfect!