Sheila E Tribute


TRIBUTE to Sheila E!  Her Humanitarian Side Shines!

Many know Sheile E! (Estovedo) as one of music’s top drummer (right Ringo) and percussionist’s best known for her work with Prince, Ringo Starr, and George Duke. She is related to some of the biggest names in music- Nicole Richie is her biological niece! (Tito Puente is her Godfather-Seriously?!!!!), she was also nominated for an American Music Award and a Grammy Award for “The Glamorous Life.” She recorded three albums during the ’80s, The Glamorous Life (My Favorite!!!)Romance 1600, and Sheila E, as well as appearing in several films.

Many don’t know the other side of her sexy persona that is so authentic, kind and real “hometown!”  She has given back in so many ways but it seems her love for the children Rocks On!!! She formed a foundation for abused children, The Elevate Hope Foundation, and has been recognized for her humanitarian efforts through and in music numerous times. Sheila E  has performed to support the precious angels in the Shriners Hospital for Children in Temecula, CA, and many other sincere efforts.

Sheila E also knows what it takes to take care of herself and be her best as she has fought off a serious illness’ in the past which kept her from touring.

Thank you Sheila E for all the great things you do!  Bless you always!