Natural Foods that enhance your love life!


Did you know that you can add some more zing to your sex life through eating certain foods? The cure is in the kitchen to add spice to your bedroom!

-Almonds contain phenylethylamine, which in turn sends a signal to the brain that something exciting is about to happen.

-That apple does more than keep the doctor away, it will sweeten the taste of your saliva.

-Asparagus is loaded with vitamin E which helps build muscle mass.

-Avocados and have good potassium

-Bananas have the potential to boost the male libibo.

-Cabbage is a wonderful for increasing circulation.

-Celery is high in androsterone, a hormone secreted by men that women are attracted to.

-Chili peppers stimulate nerve ending and increase your heart rate.

-Chocolate increases PEA and theobromine.

-Cheese actually contains more PEA than chocolate.

-Eggs are high in B vitamins, which help in regulating hormones.

-Figs are very high in amino acids, which in turn boost the libido.

-Garlic has allicin, which has been shown to increase libido.

-Oysters have long been reputed as an aphrodisiac due to it’s high zinc content, which is known to boost testosterone and dopamine!