Learn to Love Sprouting


The easiest way to have a garden in your very own kitchen whether you live in the desert or the tundra is to learn to SPROUT. Sprouting is a terrific way to activate seeds so that your body can optimize the nutritional treasure they contain. Live, active, healthy foods are the best cure-all!

The best seeds for sprouting are alfalfa, radish, cabbage, clover, just to name a few. You will need a gallon sized mason jar and about three cups of water. Add 3 tablespoons of the seed of your choice. Cover your jar with a wire mesh with a rubber band. It is key to soak the seed for 8 hours, then drain the water by placing the jar upside down. Place the jar in a dark place for about 4 days rinsing it out 2 to the 3 times by filing the jar with upside down. On the last day,and here is the funnest part, put it in the sun to dry…and watch your little seeds SPROUT.

Make sure you check the sprouting time for each seed as it can vary, harder seeds take require longing soaking prior to the sprouting.