Fire Up Your Metabolism With These Tips!


– Big helpings of veggies fill you up by delivering lots of water and fiber for few calories. Sneak some into your day with our A.M. shake!

– Increase the amount of meals you consume a day from 3 large meals to 6 small

– Chew your food 25 times per bite (you’ll notice a much fuller feeling with less food). This tip also allows your body to register when it is full faster.

– Portion your food groups to no larger than the size of your first. EXCEPT your vegetable, they are the exception. (Use common sense with what you consume in your portions)


Important Foods to help Rev up your metabolism:

Acai Berry
Dark Green Leafy Vegetables
Green Tea

– Don’t forget your regular healthy eating plan, and don’t forget to EXERCISE!

– Only 10 minutes of brisk activity keeps metabolism revved for an hour, a study finds.

– Kicking up your cardio with intervals can help you double your calorie burn, and continue till after you’re off that treadmill!

– Ladies! Don’t be afraid of using a little weight. Use light weight weights (3-5 lbs) and increase the repetitions, but do not focus on only one part of your body. Work on the whole body of maximum results!

– Most importantly, get some shut eye! Do not deprive your body of sleep.