Allergy Tips


Pollen count is high friends! It can affect even those of us who do not suffer from allergy symptoms. Lucky for us Mother Nature has some nutritional powerhouses available to us that will reduce inflammation, lubricate dry sinuses, and prevent future sensitivity to irritants.

Stinging Nettle

This amazing flowering plant can be taken in tincture of powder form, excellent antihistamine properties and wonderful for symptomatic relief. If taken in the midst of severe allergy season, be patient! It takes a few days to kick in.


This bioflavonoid is tremendous histamine blocker and anti-inflammatory. This will help long term, we recommend about 250 mg a day for at least a month.


This enzymatic compound found in pineapples help the absorption of any anti-histamines, this ensures you get the most synergy from your supplements.

Pantothenic Acid/Vitamin B

This b vitamin will boost your adrenals which is responsible for revving up the immune system. It will kick the butt of pathogens/allergens.


We know this tips will WORK!