Caties Whole Plant Food Vitamin C Plus

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Catie’s Whole Plant Food Vitamin C is made with preservative free whole fruits and vegetables. We found the richest sources of live foods highest in Vitamin C and used a special cold spray process to help maintain optimal enzymatic energy and preserve the naturally occurring co-factors. This is something that synthetic Vitamin C’s (most other Vitamin C products on the market) do not have.

Benefits of Plant Vitamin C include:

  • Beautiful skin
  • Strong veins, arteries and capillaries
  • Healthy cells
  • Strengthened immunity
  • Natural resistance to disease
  • Healthy gums
  • and more…

Catie’s Whole Plant Food Vitamin C is super concentrated with abundant nutrients that you can take anywhere you go. This wonderful tasting Vitamin C powder is one you can mix in water, juice or make a great tasting shake!

Did you know that Whole Plant Food Vitamin C is more Powerful than a Synthetic?

It’s true! 5.6 mg of Catie’s Vitamin C Plus is equivalent to approximately 1500 mg of an ascorbic acid or esther C.

Unlike Synthetics, Catie’s Whole Plant Food Vitamin C: Does NOT cause DNA/RNA Damage – Neutralizes Free Radicals – Protects Your Cells From Damage – Fights Viruses – Helps Coronary Arteries Become Strong – Helps Strengthen & Give Your Organs Shape – Helps Produce Better Collagen – Helps Promote More Youthful Skin, Cartilage, Connective Tissue and Bone.


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