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Immuni-C contains the highest plant sources of Vitamin C & Immune boosting herbs! Our Immune System is one of the major sources that keeps us young, healthy and vibrant!  Antioxidants are one of the major ways to slow the impact of free radical damage, which can cause aging, wrinkles, lowered immune system and illness in the body. Antioxidants  are so important that they are being studied by thousands of scientists all over the world! In fact, many scientists think that if there is a fountain of youth, antioxidants could be leading the way.

Vitamin C is considered one of the top antioxidants and it is often deficient in the top diseases (ie. Heart Disease and Cancer).  Plant sources rival chemically derived sources (ascorbic acid, Esther C, Liposomal,…) since plant sources fight free radical damage over and over again in the body and synthetic sources DO NOT. In fact, synthetic Vitamin C sources only fight free radical damage ONCE and they also may leave toxic residue.

In this formula, we’ve also including immune boosting and pathogen fighting herbs that have proven to be powerhouses in slowing, halting and reversing various health challenges that often plague us in the aging process. Combining both Vitamin C Plants & Immune Herbs synergistically supports a healthy, strong immune system and a vital constitution!

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