Pure Skin Acne Serum

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This plant and herbal formula is very unique for the treatment of acne because it does not contain any harsh chemicals that you would find in the top selling acne products.  The essential oil blend is created to detoxify the skin and dissolve the blemishes deep down before they can surface due to the molecular structure of the essential oils. The low level of lactic acid keep the cell turn over active and keeps acne scars from forming. It also keeps the pores clean and clear. The mono-laurin is derived from coconut oil, which is an anti-bacterial. The herbs are known to assist in healing acne and preventing acne without the harsh drying or irritation. All skin, including acne prone, need hydration and soothing relief which comes from the aloe and coconut, as well as the nutrients from the pumpkin and grapefruit seed oils.

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