Brain Chai Latte

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Our Brain Chai Latte is a wonderful non caffeinated beverage, with a medicinal formula that promotes circulation to the brain, alertness, mental clarity, improved mood and healthy gut digestion! It also contains anti-inflammatory properties and ingredients that have been known to be helpful in aiding with Alzheimer’s and other brain degenerative disorders. It is hormone supportive due to its young coconut milk base and it is refined sugar free so it will not spike blood sugar levels.

It is the perfect beverage to have in the morning or evening, and can be taken hot or cold, when you feel stressed or feel like you need more energy or a pick-me-up. It can also be a wonderful alternative to coffee. We know you’ll love it!

Directions: Mix or blend with warm plant milk or water in a mug. If making a cold beverage, we suggest using a bit less liquid (warmed), so that you make a concentrate, and then pouring it over ice. Brain Chai Latte goes excellent with our Creamy Coconut Powder and our toffee flavored, Plant Calcium. You can even blend them all together to make a Super Boosted Brain Chai Latte!

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