Coco-Banana-Maca Superfood Smoothie


Here is a really great and easy way to make a smoothie loaded with superfoods that everyone can enjoy. It’s thick, creamy and tastes DELICIOUS!

We used coconut milk as a base as it works really well with superfood powders like our AWESOME catie’s organic green blend, which has chlorella, spirulina, barley grass, dulse, probiotics just to name a few, it’s POWERFUL. We also threw in some maca, as it adds punch of vitamin B’s, which give you a boost of long lasting energy. Our last superfood addition is MSM, which will boost collagen production, that means shinier hair, skin, and nails.


Serves 2 8 oz glasses

2 cups of frozen bananas

3 cups of coconut milk

1 tbsp of greens powder

1 tsp of maca

1 tsp of MSM

1 mango

Catie Norris

Catie is a nutrition and wellness guru to the stars and founder of Energy Essential’s Wellness Centers. Her determination, passion and knowledge evolved from her and her families own life threatening illnesses which have become springboard’s for remarkable triumph and radiant health. Her passion’s include being a momma, researcher, educator, lecturer, national television & radio wellness advocate, and formulator of whole food products and supplements that make a life changing difference.